National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Program Office

Batch Search Assistance

The FBI’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Program Office understands the difficulties the criminal justice community faces during the current pandemic crisis – and we want to offer our help.  Agencies are facing unprecedented challenges, while experiencing resource limitations, and oftentimes an increased workload.  

N-DEx Program Office staff stand ready to provide support with the N-DEx System’s Batch Search capability.  The N-DEx System is an unclassified national strategic investigative information sharing system bringing together records from across the nation.  The Batch Search capability allows for recurring vetting on individuals of interest (investigative targets, missing persons, and fugitives; and automated monitoring of high-risk, supervised population) and provides the requesting agency with notifications on any new information shared with the N-DEx System. 
The routine use of the Batch Search by the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) highlights the benefits of this tool.  An Intelligence Analyst (IA) with the NMCD Security Threat Intelligence Unit (STIU), utilizes the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) National Data Exchange (N-DEx) System to look for absconders using the system’s Batch Search capability.   
During a two-month period, the IA was able to locate five absconders in Texas and Oklahoma.  One of the subjects was on the New Mexico’s Most Wanted Absconder Flyer for a DWI to include child endangerment.  Others were originally wanted for battery, fugitive from justice, shoplifting, and trafficking of controlled substances.  Another subject was located within the N-DEx System as the victim of a crime. 

Three of the apprehended absconders are currently being held in an out of state jail or corrections facility.  Two of the absconders have been extradited back to New Mexico.  A representative from the STIU stated, “perfect example of teamwork and how N-DEx can help us apprehend our absconders.”  

As we face these times together, our commitment to the criminal justice community remains.  Contact the N-DEx Program Office by emailing [email protected] to receive assistance with the Batch Search capability or learn more about accessing the N-DEx System.  The N-DEx Program Office also provides live distance learning workshops, click here to register, join, and learn.

You may also contact me directly at [email protected] if interested in receiving assistance with the Batch Search capability.