UPCOMING WEBINAR:  April 13th at 12:00 PM EST 

A Blueprint for Success: Making Correctional Facilities and Communities Safer with Digital Inteligence

  • The webinar features Cellebrite’s J.W. Auzenne, Principal Architect and Brian Bolchoz, Corrections Safety Consultant. 
  • In this webinar, JW speaks to the everyday challenges Correctional facilities face with the growing amount of cellphone contraband and data within facilities, and presents the need for capabilities offered across our Digital Intelligence Platform. Brian speaks to how South Carolina Department of Corrections was in a position where they needed Digital Intelligence to tackle the criminal activity occurring between the incarcerated and parties on the outside, as well as get to the bottom of one of the largest prison riots in US history. Brian talked about the process, how they implemented Cellebrite solutions, and the outcomes.





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  09/11/2020 - SafeJail and InMod Security Announce Partnership to Develop Correctional Health Facilities 

  10/01/2020 - DOWNLOAD DOC. SafeJail White Paper Covid _ CARES final.docx